Professor Klaus Hasselmann

Klaus Hasselmann is the Scientific Director at the German Climate Computer Centre, Hamburg and a former Director of the Max-Planck-Institute of Meteorology, Hamburg.

He has taught at institutions across Europe and the USA.

His research interests include climate dynamics, stochastic processes, ocean waves, satellite remote sensing, integrated assessment studies and unified field theory.

Klaus hosted a GSD workshop in Bekkjarvik, Norway on Web-based Community Climate Policy Models in June 2009


‘A Parametrized Multi-Actor Model of Technologically Driven Growth – with Application to Climate Change’
Klaus Hasselmann, Carlo Jaeger, Dmitry Kovalevsky

Simulating human behavior in macroeconomic models applied to climate change
Klaus Hasselmann

Application of System Dynamics to Climate Policy Assessment
Klaus Hasselmann

The Stern Review and the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Implications for Interaction between Policymakers and Climate Experts
Klaus Hasselmann and Terry Barker

What to do? Does science have a role?
Klaus Hasselmann

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