GSD Network

The GSD Network consists of academics and experts who work in fields directly related to the aims of the project. An aim of the project is to expand this network and encourage its members to share knowledge.

    • James Greyson
      Senior Analyst, BlindSpot global revival think-tank
    • Dr Nicolaos P. Theodossiou
      Assistant Professor, Division of Hydraulics & Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Professor Mihaela Ulieru, PhD
    President, IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy
    Director, Adaptive Risk Management Laboratory
    Professor (on leave), Faculty of Computer Science
    The University of New Brunswick

Related Research Centres, Organisations and Projects

Global System Dynamics and Policies is a project funded by the Future & Emerging Technologies division of the European Commission. The project began in May 2008, and will continue until April 2010
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