New online simulation tool – eFish

Kristian Lindgren has devleloped another online simulation tool – eFish.

It is a new multiplayer online strategy game built on the objective of creating a fish company. You and other players share a lake, from which you catch fish. You can then sell your fish on the market, and for example buy new equipment.

The game is constructed to address questions associated with the so called Tragedy of the Commons dilemma:

  • Will resources shared by competing interests always be overused?
  • Is community ownership of finite resources a guaranteed road to ecological disaster?
  • Or can perhaps a shared resource successfully be managed and maintained by the people who use them, without government regulation or privatization?

This application was developed by the Physical Resource Theory Department of Energy and Environment of Chalmers University of Technology to investigate the problem of human behavior when sharing a common resource.

Kristian has previously developed two online tools for understanding potential impacts of fuel consumption: GETonline & Chalmers Climate Calculator.

Please note that this game is a prototype. It is recommended that players read the manual before playing (also on the game homepage).