GSD publications: where are they and where should they be?

Steven Bishop, GSD Project Co-ordinator, was recently invited to Amsterdam by the publisher Elsevier to discuss the proposal to adapt an existing journal or start a new journal.

The background revolved around the journal ‘Chaos, Solutions and Fractals’, which started life as an interdisciplinary journal in the area of nonlinear science.

Such a background would be ideal to report activities in the area of GSD, but of late the contributions have become more ‘esoteric’ and there is an option to start a new journal in the field. Elsevier were open to new ideas in the area of complexity science and a small group of people, including Prof Bishop, put forward ideas. The views of this group are now being put forward to wider reviewers for comment.

As part of the objectives of GSD, we aim to provide as much material as possible for download on this site, to facilitate the discussion of ideas relating to the project.

However, due to copyright, not all related publications are available for download.

Therefore I would like to use this blog as an open forum to provide full listing of all publications, which include papers and articles by GSD partners, and those relating to the project.