BIG-STEP Art Reception

13th April, 2010 – Galerie Libre Cours, Brussels

As a precursor to the BIG-STEP conference, participants were prompted to consider the relationships between science and art in a complexity inspired exhibition. Work was displayed by Charlotte Hazeldine, Holly Bishop, Naheed Raza, Ola Wasilkowska and Agnieszka Kurant. Informal discussions focussed on the ways in which art can be used in science whether engaging and informing the public or enabling the understanding of key concepts by policy makers. The event also served as an excellent opportunity to engage participants before the conference in a relaxed and inspiring setting.

Peter Baudains, UCL Research Assistant and Holly Bishop, Artist discuss Charlotte Hazeldine’s environmentally inspired photographs

Prof. Giles Foden, University of East Anglia and Prof. Jeff Johnson, Open University & ASSYST Project Coordinator

Dr. Ralph Dum, European Commission 

Global System Dynamics and Policies is a project funded by the Future & Emerging Technologies division of the European Commission. The project began in May 2008, and will continue until April 2010