GSD conference: Innovation Kaleidoscope for Sustainability

Date: December 2-4 2008
Venue: Bilbao, Spain
Organiser: Antonio Ruiz de Elvira

In December 2008 the GSD event: ‘Innovation Kaleidoscope for Sustainability’ was held in Bilbao, tasked with the challenge of finding new formulas to mind the gap between science and language. The Spainish GSD partner, Antonio Ruiz de Elvira brought together stakeholders and academia from the Basque Country, in order to share new techniques and knowledge relating to the systems approach.

The seminar, attended by approximately one hundred people, was a good opportunity for scientists and participants to exchange points of view and set new challenges. The main goal, overcoming the barriers between scientific knowledge and communication, was achieved.

Information on the New Economics was set forth by Klaus Hasselmann, Pablo del Río, Frank Beckenbach and Carlo Jaeger; the latter in particular introducing the audience to an innovative way of comprehending economics.

Antonio Ruiz de Elvira, Giles Foden and Pablo Jaúregui all addressed the topic of finding appropriate language to express scientific findings, while Joan David Tábara and Armin Haas covered the use of system dynamics when applied to the social sector.

Pictures from the event